Home Care

In order to obtain the best possible results from my orthodontic treatment, we need your cooperation. A cooperative effort on your part is just as important as the efforts of Dr. Peters and our staff. The doctor provides the game plan, but the patient is responsible to follow all instructions so that he or she may have beautiful, healthy teeth that last a lifetime.

How can you help?

Clean Teeth and Gums

Brush your teeth and gums properly at least two (2) times each day, especially after eating meals or snacks.

Wearing Appliances

Wear your removable appliances and/or elastics faithfully, as directed by the staff and doctor. Your estimated treatment time is based on full cooperation with wearing appliances and elastics (rubber bands) as directed.

Care of Appliances

Please do not eat any foods that could damage your appliances and delay your treatment. Wear a mouth guard for any activities that might injure your teeth, gums, or cheeks. Repairing broken braces requires longer appointments during school hours.


Please keep all of your appointments and arrive in the office 5 minutes early to brush your teeth and sign in. Give the office as much notice as possible if you must change your appointment, or if you have a broken or loose band or appliance.

Treatment time will be prolonged due to lack of cooperation, missed appointments or breakage; this may result in additional charges.

Longer appointments will be during school/work hours. After-school appointments often need to be rescheduled during school/work hours if they are missed. If you miss an appointment without notification, or cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment, you may be charged a NO SHOW fee.